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1970 SS Air Cleaner Label


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Fortunately I was able to acquire an original SS air cleaner recently from Jared (thanks!) and in the process of restoring it I was able to remove the original 'CN' decal off of it fairly easy.  After some research I was not able to locate this decal anywhere so I decided to try and duplicate it.  I scanned the image into the computer and, pixel by pixel, cleaned up the image to my satisfaction  I then acquired some waterproof labels and printed them out via a laser color printer.  From here using a straight edge and a razor blade I cut them out and they are shown below.  As you can see there are some light spots due to the laser printer but oh well.  I also included a shot of the build sheet showing the 'CN' in the Air Cleaner box which I believe is specific to the LS5 in the 70 SS Monte Carlos.  I am not sure about the 71 SS or 72 Montes.  Hopefully this helps some understand what those two characters mean when looking at those decals as I had to dig around to figure that out myself.


BuildSheet .JPG

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Very nice Dan, Very Nice Indeed.  Better watch out or you will be having to produce them for not only everyone's SS but everyone's Monte.

BTW, I have a 350 2BRL, I will have to check my number 55 box on my build sheet....JK


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Looks great, Dan!  Glad to see my old girl getting such TLC!   You did an amazing job on that label!  Unbelievable how much time it can take to replicate something with both text and multiple graphics and colors on it.  Hope you can leverage you skills and experience in making other labels for yourself and other members.  Well done!

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Dan was nice enough to send me an extra label he had made. I got a chance to get in put on the car tonight. It really puts the finishing touch to my engine bay redo. Dan I hope to repay you some day. Maybe at a meet. Thanks again, Paul




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