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A survivor I’ve known since I was a kid.


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Hay guys here she is. I have known every owner except the original owner. My pops owned his own shop in the Bay Area for 40 years. Second owner was a guy who worked for my dad and she was in bad shape then. The third owner was a close friend of my dads who met him by doing business with his shop, and he restored it to blue ribbon condition. Forth owner was a local police officer that we became great friends with that used to set a speed trap right out front of my dads shop, and he would let us point the radar gun at cars to catch speeders when we were kids me and my brother. The cop did not have a garage to keep the car in and he put a tarp over it in a car port and the paint began to bubble. He took it to the body shop and she sat outside for 16 years. I tried to buy the car several times and he would not let her go. Finally the body shop put a lean sale on the car and I got her first dibs. Of corse we are also great friends with the guys at the local body shop as well. It was just around the corner from my dads shop. She is a true SS 454 #s matching. I have already started the resto so I’ll be posting updates. Glade to be apart of this club and thanks for accepting my request.














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Welcome Ryan! She's all there but needs everything. Just like most of ours have started. Looks like a great start! Keep the pics coming and good luck with the resto! 

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Welcome and congratulations on the purchase  !  I believe you have a fantastic starting point,  SS454 (perfect place to start) 

As others have stated, pictures, pictures and more pictures Please !!

Good luck !!


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Welcome! Great start with a complete SS454. The 2023 Western Meet is in Logan, Utah in June if you are interested.

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Ryan, I see this was your first post here on the boards.... We hope you like what you see here and will decide to become a full fledged dues paying member of the club.  

As others have said, we love pictures.  It looks like you scored big time with a 70 SS454.  Yes, it looks like it has a good bit of rust. You are lucky it is not in a wetter and humid climate or it would be much more rust.

Welcome aboard!!!!


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Welcome ! We hope you become a dues paying member. A great resource for your restoration information and knowledge. We love plenty of photos and to see your progress. 

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