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Monte Carlo rebuild thread

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I remember when I only had 2 boxes in the living room 🤣 then poof they were everywhere. I'll enjoy following the build as I have with everyone else's. And probably learn some things along the way 

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Yes the snowball effect kicks all our butts. John she looks like a great starting point. I can see the rust around that rear window, and i am sure you already know you can get all that sheetmetal around the window from Belden Speed rust repair. I have used them plenty, very good!! I found that even if you designate a room to put the incoming parts in, you still need more and more room.  Enjoy the prosses and take plenty of pics.

Glenn i spy the gas tank was easy. LOL  Whats in the other box? LOL

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Willie,  I had purchased everything needed from Belden Speed, but when I removed the vinyl top, the rust was more extensive than the repair kit would cover. Also, the roof was very rusty and pitted, and the 1/4 had holes where the vinyl top trim was attached. Might as well do it right... new 1/4's, roof. trunk floor, etc etc. 

The second box has new body bushings, hardware, power seat brackets, and trunk drop down panels. 

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